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Meet Holly Morris, J.D., M.Ed.

Holly Morris supports leaders in designing and running innovative organizations. Working together with clients she delivers equity-focused, human- centered solutions. Recognizing that all innovation brings change, Holly uses knowledge of different change management frameworks to help leaders navigate as they and their organizations evolve and change. Holly also leads and teaches user-centered design to leaders and teams. To all of this work, Holly brings ten plus years of experience in adaptive coaching, building leadership capacity within organizations for exceptional results. Her work includes:

• Designing and implementing a comprehensive coaching/mentoring program serving five, diverse communities working to improve early learning environments

• Incubating seven K-12 schools from design to authorization

• Teaching +/- 300 higher education leaders user-centered design in multi-month, cohort programs that resulted in a variety of higher-ed student success initiatives

• Coaching +/- 50 leaders in non-profit, for-profit and education settings

Designing and planning a school from the ground up is a challenging, emotional, stressful, yet highly rewarding and energizing process. Holly has been there every step of the way to coach me through design dilemmas, political challenges, and has been a trustworthy life coach all at the same time.

 - School Founder

Early Childhood Education: 

Washington State QRIS

Summit Strategies designed a coaching and mentoring program for early childhood providers and consultants working with them to implement an ambitious quality improvement initiative. Together we achieved statistically significant increases in quality for hundreds of children.

K-12: Incubation of Charter Schools

Working on staff with WA Charters for 16 months (2018-2019), Holly played an integral role in the team that supported incubation of seven unique schools serving hundreds of systemically underserved K-12 students across Washington state. 

Higher Ed: Student Success Innovations

Working on staff at Arizona State University' s Learning Enterprise, Holly led a team responsible for helping thousands of minoritized and marginalized students earn admission to ASU on an alternate pathway. Forward thinking universities in the U.S. and the U.K. have engaged Summit Strategies to learn user-centered design principles such as Design Thinking and Service Blueprinting to develop innovative approaches to enhancing student success. 

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