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Change Management is everyone's Summit Strategy. 

According to longitudinal research by Prosci, organizations that engage in proactive change management are 6x more likely to achieve their desired goals. Regardless of the type of organization you lead -- education, non-profit, for-profit - you're engaging with change all the time. To maintain your edge and ensure your success, you should be actively planning and orchestrating the steps of your change to get the best results.  Holly is certified in both John Kotter's 8-step process and Prosci's ADKAR process. Blending the two to meet your organization with a custom solution. 

Holly is about action and positive change. After almost every session I've had with Holly, there's been a big shift in my life (coincidence?). I have much more productive conversation with myself and I'm taking courageous action. I also appreciate how responsive she is even though she's always on the move. 

Fellowship Participant

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